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Vietnam Inland Waterway: The Best Way To Ship Domestically?

Vietnam Inland Waterway & Coastal Shipping

The consistent popularity of trucking in the logistics world is responsible for being the beating heart of many economies, and the most used method of transport in the logistics industry with it being responsible for almost 671 billion dollars worth of goods being moved every year.

However, with prices slowly beginning to soar in this sector, Vietnam's Inland Waterway system and domestic shipping, is set to become the more popular option when choosing inland transportation in Vietnam.

Vietnam set to allocate US$7 billion for inland waterway projects in next 10 years

Inland Waterways Transport: Domestic Shipping Options


In Vietnam and many other counties around the world when thinking of the best way to ship throughout a country, many companies first thought is trucking.

Trucking offers high speed delivery, more flexibility and direct transportation of cargo to the end recipient. In light of this, the lack of drivers and trucks being built in relation to recent times, means transportation costs are going up.

The conclusion of this leaves many businesses looking for a more cost effective and productive way to deliver goods.

Inland waterways

The essence of inland waterways otherwise known as inland navigation and inland waterway transport is a chain of canals, river and backwaters that can be used for the transportation of goods, in replacement or in addition to rails and road transport.

This method of transportation is a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly, highlighting why many logistics companies are choosing this reliable method for the movement of cargo domestically.

Inland Waterways Transport: Shipping Advantages


Inland waterways offer the advantage of being significantly cheaper than other method of inland or domestic transportation, thus meaning logistical companies see benefits from the moment they decide upon this mode of shipment.

Firstly, the cost of fuel is extended from 1 liter per f1 1 tonne of cargo at 25km by road and 75km by rail, to 180km over waterways when using vessels, sea ships and other related transport, cutting cost down by half for tonnes transported in inland waterways.

This therefore means not only does this dramatically reduce emissions but also money spent on fuel.

Inland waterways offer the advantage of being significantly cheaper than another other method
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Lower emissions

In relation to barges being able to carry 10 to 12 times more amount of freight meaning less trips across rivers, ports, and waterways, this also reduces emissions into the atmosphere through the movement in inland waterways.

The engines of barges and ships are in no comparison to those of trucks, meaning the number of emissions made by transportation via waterway is far less than that of trucks and other inland services.

This also is paired with the difference in fuel usage and fuel consumption which as stated not only saves money but also cuts the amount of greenhouse gasses produced when travelling via inland waterways, which is a clear advantage to companies who want to appeal to the current changing trend of ecofriendly shipping and consumers who are attracted to this.

Vietnam's sensitivity to disproportionate exposure of risks caused by climate change can also be eased due to this factor, as less emissions when travelling through waterways means less environmental impact.

Reduced congestion

Congestion in the logistics world is an immediate barrier when trying to meet deadlines and fast consumer driven delivery. When items are shipped by barge and other waterway transportation congestion is not only eased through navigable rivers, but also other inland routes.

The convenience of this mode of shipment allows further processing of transporting containers to be moved quicker through inland ports, and thus a smoother and quicker flow of delivery.

This is an immediate advantage for both inland waterway transport and related bulk cargo transportation alike, as the operation of shipping is made easier and more accessible for companies and customers alike.

inland water transportation - vico logistics
VICO can help your business flourish through our nonstop, domestic sea freight shipping options and other related processes in order to help keep your established business connected and thriving.

Less risk

Risks are always involved when taking into account shipping cargo, as many tonnes transported are made via rail networks and trucking the risk of breaking down as well as breaking and disrupting items is always high.

However, when choosing barges, boats and other types of vessel as inland waterway transport you significantly decrease this risk.

This is done through less movement in the vessel as well as less chance of running into fuel shortage, and other problems faced on the road and rail that can cause breakdowns and breakage of parcels compared to those of inland waterways.

In light of this, easy navigable rivers allow barges easier routes to pass through which also cuts the risk of damaged goods. Companies can reap advantages of this as there is less cost at risk due to replacement of items and fuel, due to the fact these issues will be less likely to be run into.

Investing in Vietnam’s Inland and Coastal Waterways

VICO & Inland Waterway Transport

VICO & Inland Waterway Transport

VICO can help your business flourish through our nonstop, domestic sea freight shipping options and other related processes in order to help keep your established business connected and thriving.

VICO offers services such as:

  • Weekly Sailing

Our weekly sailing schedule for inland waterways transport will enable your company to stay connected and on top of orders with our many tonnes transported each week. This will enable consumers to stay loyal and satisfied and create profit for your business.

  • Direct service

VICO's direct service provides a nonstop route between point-to-point destinations, meaning faster and more efficient delivery is executed through our inland waterways transport. Companies can be rest assured that their cargo is in safe hands and will arrive within the allocated time slot, quicker than other methods of transport. VICO can also provide stable delivery so the worry of cargo damage and disruption can be taken away.

  • Cargo Pickup Within 24Hours

Cargo pickup can be guaranteed to be allocated and picked up within 24 hours of a clients asking. VICO's quick response time will allow a quick and secure delivery, ensuring all shipments are taken care of as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Customized LCL Price:

Services rates can differ between each client dependent on a multitude of factors, that's why VICO ensures all prices are tailored to meet the client's needs and requests.

VICO's direct service provides a nonstop route between point-to-point destinations

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Inland Waterways Transport: An Overview

To conclude the rising popularity and convenience of inland waterway transport compared to related domestic transport such as rail and trucking is the reason why, like many other countries, Vietnam is set to invest up to 7 billion in projects for the inland waterway transport sector. This method of logistics offers a very attractive standpoint to many companies and opens up facilities to a variety of consumers and related fields.

The high demand and low supply risks involved with the other different types of inland transport are overshadowed by the reliable and cost-effective nature of inland waterways transport.
Waterway construction is vital to the development of this service, and in Vietnam doing so will offer companies more opportunities to switch from one method of established transport to another.
This will offer major profit and traction to not only businesses but also the Vietnamese economy as a whole.

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