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The Importance of Freight Forwarding And Why Your Business Should Invest

Importing and exporting are key components of any business’ supply chain. International business could present great opportunities for you and your company, but may also be disconcerting.  


If you have not heard of the phrase ‘freight forwarder’ before, you may be confused. Is it a logistics manager? A shipping firm? An import and export coordinator? A freight forwarder is none of these things but adopts the responsibility of all of them. 


Relying on an individual to uphold the paperwork, process and directive of international trade could result in an inefficient shipping system. However, working with a freight forwarding service that act as an intermediary between shippers and transportation services, can be the key to a successful international business. 


It is essential that you choose a freight forwarding company who can manage your domestic and international requirements efficiently in order to keep your supply chain needs met. A reputable freight forwarder will have characteristics such as large-scale coverage to an extensive number of destinations, relationships with a diverse number of carriers and international networks as well as the experience and knowledge to back this all up. 

It is important and beneficial to have someone familiar with such processes handling your shipping logistics for you. This can help to prevent delays, unnecessary fees and greatly streamline your supply chain process, helping to save your company time and money. 

Business should choose a freight forwarding company that can manage your domestics and international requirements


With global trade becoming ever more complicated, working with a freight forwarder is a great way to save time and money in the long run and allows you to run your supply chain without having to manage the particularities of shipping and the related processes. The benefits of working with a freight forwarder greatly outweigh those in not using one, by using one you can be sure to add an experienced and knowledgeable team to your business - enabling you to grow profit, customers and recognition.

VICO Logistics is a leading consolidator and logistics solutions provider across Indochina region - our cross border trucking services - “Cross Land Bridge” - enable door-to-door and secure delivery for Full container (FCL) and Consolidation (LCL) from China (Shanghai / Guangdong) to Vietnam -> Cambodia -> Thailand


High frequency schedule: Everyday from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Hong Kong*

Transit time:
Shanghai, China to North Vietnam (6 days)
Guangdong, China to North Vietnam (4 days)
Shanghai, China to Central Vietnam (6 days)
Guangdong, China to Central Vietnam (4 days)
Shanghai, China to Cambodia (7 days)
Guangdong, China to Cambodia (5 days)

High Security Level
Real time GPS Tracking and Monitoring system
CCTV Camera
E-Lock — Internal Locking Device
Accept dangerous goods cargo

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