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Prepare to cope with Vietnam COVID-19 caused port congestions


Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has significant effects on not only livelihoods but most industries, and all firms and organizations are forced to with a contingency plan. 


Obviously, the impact on the transport and logistics sector is huge, ranging in supply chain disruptions from the national to the regional level. Although e-commerce experienced a surge in the volume of orders which meant logistics’ demand rose exponentially, this has required numerous challenges to all freight forwarders to keep commodities moving has been smooth. 



In the middle of 2021, as the pandemic hit HCMC, Cat Lai Port – a key international seaport of the Southern Key Economic Region, faced a container backlog due to workers shortage, and many containers were jammed over 90 days.  


Over 100,000 container “stucked” at Cat Lai port need to be digested
Over 100,000 container “stucked” at Cat Lai port need to be digested


Though the General Department of Vietnam Customs suggested many solutions, it requires a substantial time and affects many businesses. Regarding the suspension, cargo capacity has dropped nearly 50% to handling 5-7 containers per day only, it has made freight forwarding almost impossible.


The government also implemented strict rules and policies on trucks drivers where they must show proof of negative test results from the past two to seven days, depending on the type of test taken. Consequently, freight forwarders are faced with a serious increase in cost and waiting times. 

Quy định mới về kiểm tra giấy xét nghiệm COVID-19 với tài xế chở hàng - Bộ  Y tế - Trang tin về dịch bệnh viêm đường hô hấp cấp COVID-19
Trucks drivers must show proof of negative test results from the past two to seven days



With VICO logistics’ expertise and vision as your strategic logistics partner, we are well-prepared for any kind of urgent situations, not only in HCMC but other ports in Vietnam and around the world as well.  


Specific to the above-mentioned situation, VICO has designed new directions to move all orders to Cai Mep or Da Nang Ports, followed by planned truck carriers to carry them to final destinations. A one-stop solution at an irresistible cost. 


Our quoted price aims to provide you with the most flexible arrangement in order to fulfill assigned tasks from customers and most importantly, maintain strict health safety for our frontline staff. 



  • Shorten transit time from 7-11 days to only 5 days in the current situation. 

  • Reduce storage cost. 

  • A reasonable and transparent quote 

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